GTI an Armored Vehicle Manufacturer in Philippines

GTI provides a full vehicle armoring solution by taking a holistic approach in the design and engineering process, ensuring all potential weaknesses are eliminated.

What We Do

GTI Armored Cars Philippines is a vehicle armoring company experienced in the fields of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored SUV, armored trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Vehicle Features

GTI provides a full vehicle armoring solution by taking a holistic approach in the design and engineering process, ensuring all potential weaknesses are eliminated

Anti-Blast Protection

Blast proof floor protection is an armored steel that added to your vehicles flooring.... Read More.

360 Degree Bulletproof Protection

The 360 degree bulletproof protection feature is one of the main feature of a bulletproof vehicle.Read More

Armored Back Door with Gun Port

The Armored Bulkhead with Gun Port feature is part of our 360 degree bulletproof protection.Read More

Run-Flat Tires

The run-flat tires system allows the vehicle to be driven with one or more flat tires – this eliminates the immediate need to change to a spare tire and increases the mobility of the vehicle. Read More.

Engine Protection

Installed to provide a cocoon to the vehicle’s vital machinery such as battery, radiator etc. This will ensure our consumers that they can keep the vehicle up and running even in critical encounter.Read More.

transparent ballistic glass

Ballistic glasses are religiously tested in compliance to International Standards and certified by the most prestigious independent laboratories into the world... Read More.

Upgrade Suspension

The upgrade suspension feature is also required in order to compensate to the added weight of the vehicle. Read More.

Tail Pipe Protection

A special screen is installed into the tail pipe to prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the pipe. Read More.

Overlap System

Part of armouring process consisting of steel to provide additional coverage designed for angled shots not to penetrate the vehicle. Read More

GPS Tracking and Auto Shutdown

A smarter way to also protect the vehicle, it allows real time monitoring of car from Point A to Point B, plus an engine-shutdown functionality giving our clients the ability to prevent car-napping. Read More

Bullet Catcher

It’s an armoring process wherein the ricochet of bullets are catch on the overlap panels of the windows. Read More.

Break System Upgrade

The OEM brake pads and rotor disc are upgraded to compensate for the added weight of the vehicle. The added rotor and disc break will increase the ability of the vehicle in breaking and reduce the stopping distance. Read More.

Ballistic Door and Windows

This ballistic doors and windows feature helps strengthen the vehicle’s original body. Read More

Armored Roof

Armored Roofing Protection is designed to protect the roof part of your vehicle in case the bullet is from above or higher than your bulletproof vehicle roofing. Read More.

Armored Fuel Tank

Ballistic coverage installed to protect the vehicle from exploding even if heavily damage by fire/grenade blast/ multiple gunfires. Read More.

Vehicle Armoring

Parts and Materials

Aside from the team behind GTI We also ensure that we give prime materials, once the parts/materials are delivered into the warehouse, proper certifications, documentations and quality assurance are being accounted. Read More

Research and Development

In GTI we believe that the main core of our business is saving lives thus we produce quality by continuously improving our technology. Read More.

Protection Level

GTI Armored Cars protection level and ballistic specification. GTI Armored Car’s BR6 Level Armoring Solution, both opaque and transparent that meet or exceed the requirement s of the European CEN 1522/1523 and CEN 1063 standards to the level FB6 for opaque areas and BR6 for transparent areas.. Read More.

Material Testing

After obtaining proper permits, the GTI R&D team will now ensure how well built each materials delivered thus it will undergo a series of extreme test by shooting at different angle, caliber and distance, after passing our standards these materials will now be ready for the armouring process. Read More

Manufacturing Process

The armoring kits and process are engineered in such way that 4 sides of the passenger compartment are protected using high quality armor steel and glass defeating 7.62x51mm M80 NATO Ball Ammunition-US NIJ Level III / CEN Level B6 and 5.56x45mm SS109 ammunition SS 109 CEN Level B6 at 0′ incidence ( 90 ‘ to surface ) and 10meters range in accordance to CEN 1063 and CEN 1522.. Read More.

Need to bulletproof your car?

We provide a full vehicle armoring solution to stay safe and prevent theft while traveling. 

Our Costumer Say

We value our customer and we will continue to provide quality service that they deserve. 


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