Bulletproof Ford Ranger Raptor

Born Ready to Perform

Injected with Ford Performance DNA to thrive in the world’s most brutal environments, Ranger Raptor is the first factory-ready high-speed off-road performance truck. It’s a super truck. Its revolutionary 2.0L bi-turbo diesel engine and 10-speed automatic transmission have been calibrated to deliver next-level off-road capability.

The Ultimate Off-Road Truck

Ranger Raptor sets a new benchmark in off-road performance. Based on the Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor delivers an ultra-strength frame, giant bash plate, and an elevated design that allow it to thrive in environments other trucks dare not tread.

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GTI Armored Cars Philippines offers full vehicle armoring package for brand new or used Bulletproof Ford Ranger Raptor. We use Light Weight Armoring Materials for the vehicles and has a good quality standard. What are you waiting for? Request a quote now and contact us for any inquires. You can also check out more Ford Ranger vehicles available.

What type of armor protections are allowed on Bulletproof Ford Ranger Raptor?

  • 360 Armor Protection
  • Pistol Protection – Level IIIA
  • Rifle Protection – Level B6
  • Roofing and flooring anti blast
  • Ballistic Glasses
  • Operable Window
  • CRF Runing Flat
  • Upgrade Rear Bumper
  • Upgrade From Bumper
  • Gas Tank Covering
  • Battery Protection


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