Manufacturing Armored Vehicles for Over 7 Years

Established in 2014, GTI Armored Cars Manufacturing  has been providing armored vehicles for banks, law enforcement agencies, corporate clients and individuals here in the Philippines. Today GTI continue to grow and now specializes in a wide range of custom security and transportation solutions for its clients, including armored transport vehicles, executive armored SUVs, armored cars, luxury sedans, and special purpose vehicles.

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Why Choose Us

GTI Armored Cars Philippines is a vehicle armoring company experienced in the fields of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored SUV, armored trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Research and Development

Our professional engineering team incorporates technological advances and latest innovation available in the world in order to deliver a vehicle that will surpass international standards.

Experience Skills​

We hire qualified technicians and trained them in order to provide optimum quality for armoring services.

Affordable Price

We offer premium quality service in affordable and quality cost.

Guarantee Services​

Whether you are in need of bulletproof windows, reinforced suspension, run-flat tires or a multitude of other bulletproof car parts or bulletproof SUV parts, we can definitely accommodate your request and process your order as soon as possible.

Quality Product

Our materials and products are certified by a testing laboratory, tested and checked by our quality control inspectors in order to deliver and satisfy the customers.

High Quality​

Our company collaborates with the leading suppliers of materials in order to bring latest technologies and innovation to the customers.


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